The city of Salta, the capital, was founded on April 16, 1582 by Hernando de Lerma, governor of Tucuman, and by order of Peru, located in a beautiful and fertile valley that bears its name.

Known as “Salta la linda”, is one of the Argentine cities that has retained the colonial architectural heritage. On its colonial buildings are mixed with white walls, red roofs, cisterns, and elegant appearance, with modern buildings.

Salta was historically important because in its territory key battles were fought for the independence of Argentina and long before the discovery of America, it was the cradle of rich pre-Columbian cultures.

From the cold of the Andes and the Puna to the subtropical jungles, Salta inserts between mountains, fertile valleys with mild temperatures and sun all year

The landscapes are endless: from the aridity of the soil of La Puna, to the lush vegetation of the jungle north of the province where you can find up to 50 tree species, and hundreds of varieties of birds, through the red tones of the hills Valles Calchaquíes

. The provincial hospitality is qualified with its rich cultural heritage, which is expressed by the folk music and moving religious manifestations.

The heterogeneity of landscape and climate make the regions an amazing tour. Among them we can mention the Valles Calchaquies (Cafayate), La Cuesta del Obispo, Parque Nacional Los Cardones (Cachi) Tren a las Nubes, Salinas Grandes (San Antonio de los Cobre) and the majestic Quebrada de Humahuaca in the neighbor province of Jujuy.

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The hotel is located in the historic city center of the town, two blocks from the center, and close to the important historic sites.

  • 4 blocks from the Main Square
  • 4 blocks from banking and commercial center
  • 2 blocks “Paseo Balcarce” icon of Salta night
  • 15 minutes from de airport
  • 5 minutes from the Bus Terminal
  • 3 blocks from the Provincial Library
  • A few blocks from the most important museums of the Province.

Ubicación del hotel por GPS:

Latitud: 24,78478, Longitud: -65,41316

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